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Battery Packs: Rechargeable

Alium makes a full line of custom battery packs for the consumer, industrial, medical, outdoor, and EV markets

Chemistries: Li-on, Li-Polymer, LiFePo4 & Ni-MH.
Manufacturing: All packs are designed and manufactured in-house.

  1. Design (Electrical & Mechanical)
  2. Tooling & Injection molding (Case)
  3. PCBA (BMS & PCM)
  4. Automated assembly
  5. Testing

Portable DVD player
Power tools
Outdoor equipment
Bluetooth, wireless devices
Wearable electronics devices
PDA and digital camera
Security display stand for iPhone/iPad
Camera anti-theft display stand
Electric bike
GPS, monitoring units, tracking units
Notebook, e-book
Telematics solutions
Real-time location system
Tracking device
Sleep management equipment
Remote medical monitor
Blood oxygen tracking
Pulse monitoring
Wifi smart home control system

Battery Pack Design Form