Wearable Products

Lithium ion batteries is a big family populated with a variety of similar but different chemistry systems. Very much the characteristics and functionalities of the lithium ion battery is closely related to the chemistry system built-in, as well as the advancement of battery performance is driven by the advance in chemistry systems. Ascent continues to expand the boundaries to source and introduce new chemistry systems.

LFP Cathode Material
Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cathode earns its reputation by its safety and longevity in cycle life. Ascent is ready to ship LFP batteries with industry leading safety and reliability. While the basic LFP cathode technology is mature for mass production deployment, Ascent continues to develop next generation cathode material evolving from the LFP technology

Metal Oxide Cathode Material
Conventional cathode materials like lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxides, etc. are generally categorized as Metal Oxide Cathode Materials. Ascent is currently shipping industry leading batteries utilizing such conventional cathode. Ascent envisions the next generation of metal oxide cathode continues to drives improvement in battery performance on energy density, power density and other metrics. Ascent invests heavily on the research and development and scaling up of supply chain to launch these next generation materials.

Silicon Anode Material
Silicon material has the required property to store lithium ion in a much higher multiples than conventional graphite which has been the incumbent technology for lithium ion battery anode for a long time. It holds the promise to be a viable replacement technology for current graphite. On the other hand, the problems associated with using silicon materials into battery is a well know headache in the industry. Ascent invests heavily on the research and development and scaling up of supply chain to launch this new material to the market.

Lithium Titanate Anode Material
When being used as anode, the unique crystal structure of lithium titanate material gives the exceptional superior performances over graphite like high power charge and discharge, extremely low temperature operations. It is an ideal technology for lithium ion battery applications at harsh cold environment requiring high power charge and discharge. Ascent is developing batteries utilizing lithium titanate as anode to cater for customers with such special needs.