Lithium ion Polymer (Lipo) Battery is employed with li-ion electrolyte and is packed with Aluminum plastic film. Li-polymer batteries offer several advantages. Firstly, it has a great energy density in terms of weight. Secondly, Lipo battery is more flexible in cell sizes and shapes. Finally, it is of higher safety, and with superior stability in over-voltage and high temperature conditions.

Principle and Reactions:
When a lithium-based cell is charging, the lithium is extracted from the anode and inserted into the cathode. When the cell is discharging, the reverse occurs.

Positive reaction: LiCoO2 → Li1-xCoO2 + xLi+ + xe-

Negative reaction: xLi+ + xe- + 6C → LixC6

Total reaction: LiCoO2 + 6C → Li1-xCoO2 + LixC6

Portable DVD player
Bluetooth, wireless devices
Wearable electronics devices
PDA and digital camera
Security display stand for iPhone/iPad
Camera anti-theft display stand
Electric bike
GPS, monitoring units, tracking units
Notebook, e-book
Telematics solutions
Realtime location system
Tracking device
Sleep management equipment
Remote medical monitor
Blood oxygen tracking
Pulse monitoring
Wifi smart home control system