Li-ion Battery Solutions for Portable Data Capture, Printing and Industrial Devices

    Over the past three decades, Alium Batteries has spearheaded advancements in the engineering, creation, and distribution of sophisticated battery systems, including battery packs, chargers, and power supplies, for an array of data capture applications such as:

    • printing, and scanning applications
    • barcode readers
    • mobile printers
    • Test equipment
    • measurement devices
    The products we work on are generally compact, portable, and rugged to withstand everyday usage in different settings including retail, warehousing, and outdoor environments. We engage in close collaboration with our clients throughout the design and manufacturing phases to satisfy their distinct requirements for interchangeability, drop-test durability, water resistance, and temperature tolerance. From high-use point-of-sale systems to intrinsically safe applications for emergencies, Alium Batteries delivers a solution for every requirement. We are the preferred partner of the world’s foremost Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of data capture, printing, scanning, and industrial devices.

    Alium Batteries, with its 30-year track record of industry experience in designing and manufacturing battery packs, chargers, and power supplies, uses its extensive market knowledge and application experience to infuse technical innovations, originally developed for other sectors, into mainstream consumer applications. This offers our customers the extra advantage of our intellectual property. Our global footprint, combined with local operations and support, as well as our adaptable supply chain and logistics expertise, allows us to align with our clients’ specific needs. Our end-to-end manufacturing abilities conserve time and money, and our in-house design, tooling, and testing facilities ensure that we deliver the highest quality products. Additionally, we undertake rigorous quality and regulatory assessments to ensure compliance and expedite time to market.

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