Intelligent chargers designed for maximum efficiency, rapid charging, and extended battery life

At Alium Batteries, we are experts in devising and delivering innovative designs for both internal and external single and multi-bay chargers, along with docking stations. Our almost three decades of engineering prowess enables us to fulfill the rigorous demands of an extensive array of portable, motive, and stationary applications. Each solution is meticulously crafted with a comprehensive understanding of battery chemistry, temperature, usage patterns, charging speed, and other elements that influence charging duration, battery runtime, cycle life, and cost. Our patented technology caters to users’ needs by offering higher efficiency, quicker charging, and improved battery longevity. Our state-of-the-art charge management system sustains a consistent charge time over the battery pack’s lifespan, mitigating the impact of component aging and degradation. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the technology behind our lithium-ion battery charging algorithm!

Alium Advantage:

  • We deliver bespoke charging methodologies including intelligent and CC/CV options. Our multi-bay capacities range from 1-10 bays, and we facilitate communication via I²C, SMBus, USB for diagnostic communication, RS232, and CAN bus. We also supply docking stations for data transfer and host communication, in addition to auxiliary battery charging. Our microprocessor-based platforms, equipped with custom algorithms, allow for single microprocessor control of multiple bays, and our field software can be upgraded using a boot loader. Moreover, all of our products carry the requisite safety and EMC certifications.
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